Get The Meghan Markle Look

Get the Meghan Markle Look: Affordable Bridal Jewellery + Buy A Replica Of Meghan’s Tiara

Meghan Markle’s simple yet elegant wedding dress was brought to life by her stunning wedding jewellery which included a breathtaking tiara. 
The chunky diamond encrusted head dress, added that touch of glamour to an understated look. 
But for those of us without connections to the Royal Family’s jewels, what’s the alternative for Brides on a budget when it comes to buying bridal jewellery? 

Bridal Jewellery on a Budget 

That’s where Jewels of Jupiter comes in. It’s a family-run jewellery company with a passion for dazzling bling without the price tag. 
And they’re no stranger to celebrities too, with a long list of celebs who have worn their jewellery. Amber Turner, TOWIE, pictured in Jewels of Jupiter.
They have a range of wedding jewellery on offer from diamante necklaces to sparkling drop earrings, hair accessories and dazzling rings… you’ll be wanting to buy Jewels of Jupiter's statement jewellery first and your wedding dress later. 

Getting the Meghan Markle look 

Jewels of Jupiter has a range of dazzling tiaras that make a statement and add a touch of bling on your wedding day. They even have a replica of the tiara Meghan Markle wore on her wedding day. 
“There’s no such thing as too much bling.”  Jewels of Jupiter, which is run by sisters Gina and Tracey, want all brides to be able to buy the latest look in wedding jewellery without the price tag. Gina said: “We hand pick top quality jewellery that is affordable, so that you can wear some trendy bling on your wedding day without breaking the bank. “We pride ourselves in offering glamorous dress and costume jewellery for all occasions.” 

How to Choose your Wedding Jewellery 

To help you decide what is right for you, here are some top tips from influencers when choosing your wedding jewellery: 
  1. "Go classic and quality so you can wear over and over again afterwards to get your moneys worth. I wore simple pearl studs in my second ear piercing holes and literally wear them every day now. I just don’t take them out!" Said Hollie Hutchinson of

  2.  "Keep it simple and always go for quality, " explains Emma Ann Hunt aka "I had a new silver cross and my mum got me a simple bracelet"

  3. "Think about how your jewellery will look with your dress and the rest of your "look". I had a strapless dress so assumed I'd go for a necklace, but then decided to wear my hair up so opted for an awesome pair of earrings with a bracelet instead," said Abi Jones of

  4. "I always think about your style, go for something you love and that you could wear again. I think either statement earrings or necklace not both as it takes peoples eyes away from your stunning gown," said  Sarah Lyon 💕

  5. "Don't stray too far from what you would normally wear. If you rarely wear a bracelet, don't feel like you have to for your wedding day. Opt for things you would normally wear, and then you'll have something you can wear afterwards too," said Rachel Bradford from
So whether you’re wanting to recreate the Meghan look for your big day or do it your own way, or perhaps you’ve got a prom to attend or you just want to dazzle on a night out, Jewels of Jupiter has a wide range of jewellery to suit your needs (and desires). 
To shop and browse Jewels of Jupiter’s online store, go to: Wedding Jewellery