Ibiza Weekender meets Jewels of Jupiter

By Imogen Townley

I picked up blogging and vlogging a little more when I finally got Bruno back from Thailand. I had so many people asking me about how he was doing etc so I knew there was a demand for it, I am only just getting in to the swing of blogging now, I prefer to vlog as my spelling and grammar isn't the best.

I am trying to combine the Bruno Story with my day to day life too, so my fitness journey and also my fashion journey - so today I am writing my blog about a new brand I found on Instagram @jewelsofjupiter. My boyfriend had actually bought some stuff for me from them for our anniversary but it was only after seeing me following them on Instagram and the fact I kept showing him their pictures saying 'aren't they gorgeeee' that he finally got the hint! 
I was so excited when my package arrived from Jewels of Jupiter as I can never seem to find nice glam jewellery! It was even better than I was expecting. My necklace and ring came in the cutest gift box, the necklace was fab and so sparkly (even more so than on the videos, which had sold their stuff to me in the first place) and the ring fitted me perfectly, the size guide chart on the site was also massively helpful and even though the jewellery was full of diamonties and bling they weren't heavy at all or awkward to wear and with the necklace it just made any outfit! 
I actually just saw they had a Mother's Day package up on their site, so I got some bits for my mum too, to give her next week! I know she will be buzzing but it also means I can borrow her stuff ;)