What does it take to be the perfect model?

Clo Peach x Jewels of Jupiter Shoot

So, what happens when you get one gorgeous model in a room with a tonne of jewellery?  You get the perfect shot of course. We go behind the scenes in this blog to give you an insight into what it takes to be a model with us and provide some of our top tips.

The modelling industry isn't all glam, we are up at 6am to set up and our model Clo Peach is making her way across to Liverpool on the train from Leeds. Early starts all round!

We set up at the studio and the hair and make up artists arrive. Clo arrives, bare faced and ready to get the war paint on.  The glam squad get to work and 75mins later she is transformed and ready to go.


From this point on its snap after snap, with our team photographer, Tracey Hanna, calling the shots!  Our Model is like a human clothes horse, she has to sit patiently while we swap one necklace after the other and trying on a multitude of rings between shots.  There is little downtime for Clo and she can be in front of the camera for a good 3-4 hours without a break. She has to keep her A game on, constantly changing poses and giving us different looks.  The rest of the team are buzzing around her making sure not one hair is out of place or lipstick smudged.

The staple diet in the studio is tea/coffee and biscuits! Not the healthiest diet on shoot day but coffee and a sugar boost are a must.  We are not complete slave drivers though, we do actually break for a proper lunch when we move location to the hotel shoot and Clo finally gets a bit of a break before she is ushered into hair and makeup again and then another 4 hours shooting comes her way.  As a professional model you have to just push on, no complaints and be focused on getting the job done and thats exactly what she does.

Here is a sneak peak of the team in action

We started shooting at 9 and it was a wrap at 5 but then its time for a train home so all in all our model has just done a 12 hour day.

Jewels of Jupiter Top 10 Tips to being the perfect model

1) Arrive on time

2) Come bare faced, clean hair and tidy nails

3) Read the call sheet and make sure you are prepared for the day

4) Be happy and enthusiastic about the brand

5) Don't complain, moan or bitch

6) Give variety in your poses

7) Take direction, listen to the photographer

8) Enjoy the day and have fun, it will come across in your pictures

9) Put your phone away

10) Ask for the brands social handles and promote your day on social media, brands love this publicity and extra support from you!

If you are an experienced model and think you have what it takes to shoot with us, send us your portfolio to jewelsofjupiter@mail.com or tag us on instagram @jewelsofjupiter and use the #'s below

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Thanks to - 

Creative Director @life_of_gg

Photographer @tracey_hanna

Model @Clopeach

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Location Shankly Hotel, Liverpool

Studio Libre Studio Liverpool